MATHME, LLC and affiliates was formed in 2010. The company is a real estate investment company located in Maryland. MATHME performs billing and collection services for its own portfolio as well as other private water and sewer entities. MATHME principals have experience in preparing and recording the Declaration of Deferred Water and Sewer Charges.

MATHME can purchase the lien rights by acquiring the individual entities or by assignment of lienable rights. This can be done prior to transfer of homes or after Assessments have already started to be paid.

If interested in selling your private water and sewer company assessments, please contact Mark Meier.


In the past, county governments or water companies installed the water and sewer lines to and in subdivisions and recouped the cost of construction over a period of years by a front foot benefit charge, typically as an addition to the real estate bill.  However, MOST counties in Maryland no longer install these facilities in new subdivisions and require the developer of the community to construct and pay for them as part of the developer responsibilities.  The developer then arranges for a company to construct the necessary facilities, with the costs to be recouped over a number of years to the private water and sewer company, consistent with the previous county system.  The water authority has the ongoing responsibility for the maintenance of the water and sewer lines which have been dedicated for public use.

Front Foot Benefits

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